Thursday, October 13, 2016

Figma 1.0.10

Lots of improvements across the entire app:

  • Fixed duplicate keystroke bug for Asian languages
  • Selection changes no longer erase redo history
  • You can now remove a file from the Recently Viewed list
  • Clearing the line height is now a shortcut for setting it back to its default value
  • We now show the outlines of empty groups when you drag them. Otherwise, they would be invisible!
  • Improved the heuristics for when pasted items are added to an existing group
  • Made it so that placed images appear immediately above the selected item, to be consistent with the rest of Figma
  • The list of users in a multiplayer session is now alphabetical, so it’s easier to find people
  • Fixed a bug where it was hard to join two vertices together
  • Importing text with tabs from Sketch no longer produces ugly square boxes
  • Made zooming with a scroll wheel feel better
  • Fixed the color of rulers so you can actually read them
  • Made it so ESC will close version history

Desktop App:
  • Mouse tracking fix on Windows
  • Fixed cursors on Windows, which were acting funny and made the tool hard to use
  • Made it so that Figma will use WebGL on more hardware configurations than before