Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Figma 1.2.3


  • New Image Scaling: We now have Fit, Fill, Stretch/Crop, and Tile scaling modes.
  • Sketch Import support for Fit, Fill, Stretch, and Tile image scaling.
  • Click-dragging over large design files is now faster.


  • You can now search through your fonts with the typeahead feature.
  • Scaling groups, frames, components, and instances no longer snaps to its original bounds.
  • Hovering over objects while zoomed-out is now more accurate.
  • Object bounds no longer flicker when dragging a sliding handle while the mouse is on canvas.
  • The color dropper can now be used to change the canvas background with the color picker visible.
  • Fill opacity no longer resets when changing the fill color.
  • Text selection boxes are now aligned to the pixel grid.
  • The file name should now always appear in the toolbar when opening a file.

Desktop App v 1.2.3


  • Tabs now have context menus.
  • Tab loading indicator appears when document is loading.
  • Unsaved dot is more prominent for background tabs.
  • Username is now focused when launching the app (or signing out).
  • Show Mask Outlines is no longer disabled in the desktop menu.