Thursday, March 9, 2017

Figma 1.4.0

  • You can now drag folders into Figma.
  • Windows: Control + Shift + 4 will now toggle Layout Grids.


  • We’ve brought back the crop button in the toolbar as well as the option double-click shortcut to enter crop mode.
  • Paint bucket tool hotspot is more accurate.
  • Shift + Return now creates a new line instead of submits a comment.
  • You can now tab to “Do this later” when creating a new team.
  • We now always show the New File tile in the File Space.
  • Text caret now appears in the right place at start of line for text objects with a first-line indent.
  • Inner shadows display more accurately in the mobile viewer now.
  • Undo changes the fill type immediately when using the color picker.
  • We no longer show a confirmation dialog when deleting empty projects.
  • Select All with Same Text Style, Font, and Effect now work properly.
  • Objects no longer snap to Frames, Components, and Instances when Snap to Objects is off.
  • Gap snapping is no longer enabled when Snap to Objects is turned off.
  • Frames and objects now snap to whole integers when snapping to objects that are off-pixel.
  • Vector points now snap to the pixel grid even when snap targets are off-canvas.
  • Nudge resizing will no longer grow sub-pixel layers to whole pixels.
  • Mixed-Value drop-down menus now scroll correctly.
  • Safari: Fixed text-alignment in Comment buttons.
  • Intercom popup no longer blocks ability to dismiss on boarding modals for new users.
  • Using the lock shortcut no longer deselects the object(s) you are locking.
  • Importing into Figma will now only fail if all items fail.
  • Improved gradient parsing for SVG import.
  • Groups created from SVGs are no longer expanded on import.
  • After importing, all items are now selected instead of only the last item.
  • We no longer create empty groups after importing SVGs.
  • Imported items no longer overlap; all imported items are visible on canvas.
  • Import errors are all reported with a single error instead of per-item.
  • Updating multiple instances from the Team Library only requires a single Undo action now.
  • We now support "Include in Export" settings for Sketch Import.
  • Improved File Search performance.
  • Improved 404 pages.