Thursday, April 20, 2017

Figma 1.6.0


  • Team names are now shown when viewing a project in the File Space for improved navigation
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 frame preset added


  • Sketch files that use certain boolean operations will now open very quickly
  • The visibility toggle in the Layers Panel is now further from the scrollbar
  • Show Cursors From Other Users menu correctly shows its checkmark when enabled/disabled.
  • We now show thumbnails for Sketch 43+ files that have embedded thumbnails
  • Imported Figma files now have a background color for their thumbnails
  • We now only show the subscription icon in the Move to Project window when you are searching
  • Copy and paste offset now works correctly when pasting into a group within a frame
  • You can now resend account confirmation emails when inviting someone to a project, file, or team
  • Muli and Montserrat fonts now have underlines
  • The missing font dialog will no longer appear incorrectly 
  • User avatars now appear on files they are editing
  • Search menu legibility improvements for Safari
  • Export Picker performance improvements