Thursday, May 11, 2017

What's new



  • Copy and pasting objects will no longer include an offset
  • Exporting masked objects as SVG is now more accurate
  • Masks UI in the Layers Panel is now correctly displayed
  • Masks are now correctly reflected in the Figma Mirror app
  • Closing a color picker will no longer exit vector edit mode
  • Option+drag to duplicate now works for multiple lines or arrows
  • Text across the UI should be more legible in Safari if you have LCD font smoothing enabled
  • Duplicating objects within a group will not respect offsets for further duplications
  • The export preview arrow in the Properties Panel no longer points down all the time
  • Selecting objects with different stroke colors will now show stroke weight and alignment options in the Properties Panel
  • Copy as SVG now works when multiple objects are selected
  • Rasterize Selection will now convert all selected objects into a single layer
  • We no longer hide selection handles when dragging objects on the canvas
  • Mask button is visible again in Firefox on macOS