Thursday, September 14, 2017

What's New

  • You can now embed live Figma designs into JIRA and Trello! Read more
  • We now have an emoji picker for comments. Read more
  • In-App notifications to speed up your workflow. Read more here
  • You can now fully navigate the layers panel using enter, tab, and shift+enter shortcuts
  • We now include the Interface font family in our list of default fonts
  • You can now show an outline on your Artboards (View --> Artboard Outlines)

  • Changing values in the properties panel will now respect your nudge settings
  • Framing a selection will now create a frame without a background and with clipping disabled
  • You can now drag to select a child objects that appear outside of the frame's bounds
  • Resize to Fit will now accommodate strokes and effects
  • Mixed line height values can now be overridden without specifying the unit of measurement
  • Imported Sketch files will now prompt you to replace missing fonts 
  • The missing font dialog will now allow you to change a font multiple times before accepting the change
  • Rulers will now start frames at 0
  • Changing a text object’s size will now correctly change between Auto-Height, Auto-Width, and Fixed