Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What's New


  • Select Layer now allows you to select an object when they are overlapping. You can find it in the context menu and also by holding Command/ctrl and right-clicking over the overlapping objects.
  • Holding Command/ctrl while resizing a frame will now resize the frame while ignoring constraint settings for all objects within the frame.
  • You can now snap to text baselines.


  • Changing the corner radius for an object in the properties panel will now hide the selection outline to make it easier for you to see the change.
  • The instance swapping dropdown will no longer show the Best Match section if there are more than 10 matches or if all instances in the document are the same size.


  • Fixed a bug where detaching a scaled instance would not retain its properties correctly e.g. stroke weight or corner radius.
  • Hiding the Layers Panel will no longer shift the canvas.
  • Better canvas support for >4k resolution displays.