Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Desktop App 3.5.2

  • You can now copy objects directly to PNG from the context menu


  • We now show a Play icon on prototype tabs

  • Menu Options
    • Added Frame Outlines to the View Menu
    • Add more help options in the Help Menu
    • Added menu items for the Layers Panel, Components, and Team Library panels
    • Added a menu option to collapse all layers 
  • Pressing and holding a key will now show the character picker
  • You can now choose the filename when exporting individual images
  • We added a context menu to the file browser so you can refresh if you need it
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you pinch-zoom into the tab strip
  • We now sort font styles based on font stretch and weight
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from using the OS menu when working in two different Figma app windows
  • Clicking on a Desktop URI link (can be copied from the tab context menu) will now open the desktop app directly