Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What's New


  • Prototyping Transitions
    • We have a new transition behavior: Move
    • The default behavior for new prototypes will now be Instant
    • For the Dissolve behavior, the default easing setting is now Ease Out
  • We now support importing Sketch files that use symbols from external libraries


  • Sketch Import
    • Prevent some text objects from being imported with a 0 pixel width
    • We now better import various constrained objects
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some Sketch files from being imported
  • Fixed an issue where some text objects would be resized to a 0 pixel width when syncing changes made during offline editing
  • Creating new files within the editor in Firefox will now always open a new tab
  • In the editor menu, the Help and Account options will now open in new tabs