Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's New


  • New Layers Panel and Pages Panel UI!
  • We now have a Figma API Explorer!
  • We now include paper and social media frame presets


  • Searching for a component in the team library should now show return better results


  • Prototyping
    • We now have better error messages when trying to view a prototype for a file that does not have any frames
    • Fixed a bug where a prototype start node would be visible with no transitions
  • Fixed a bug where contacts would not appear when attempting to @-mention someone
  • Fixed a bug where going to a URL that linked to a frame would not zoom to the frame correctly
  • Fixed a bug where file thumbnails would not update when restoring the file to a different version history entry
  • Fixed a bug where clipping contents of a frame did not always hide contents outside of the frame