Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What's New

  • Significantly improved SVG exporter
    • Increased usage of <rect>, <circle> or <ellipse> when possible
    • Strokes are now exported as strokes (instead of fills)
    • Option to export text as outlines or <text>
    • Option to include <id> attributes
    • Reduce how often we use <defs>  and <use> tags
    • Remove unnecessary <g> tags
  • You can now embed Figma files into JIRA accounts that use domains
  • You can now change your team icon

  • When previewing an export for a frame, toggling the background "Show in exports" option would have no effect. We fixed this now so you can preview your exports with or without your frame backgrounds.
  • Swapping nested instances would sometimes lose text overrides. We fixed this so your overrides are no longer lost.
  • Duplicating a frame, component, or instance would always auto-expand the new object in the layers panel. We now create new objects in a collapsed state to better preserve the real estate in the Layers Panel.
  • Clicking "Show Full Version History" when creating a manual version history would not dismiss the modal. We now dismiss the modal so you can navigate your file's history.
  • For center-aligned text, undoing a paste action would sometimes move the entire text object. We fixed this so nothing moves unexpectedly.
  • Multiplayer cursors would sometimes disappear if your teammate went offline briefly. We fixed this so multiplayer cursors always appear if someone reconnects to a file.
  • Search results in the Team Library will now correctly match all of the words in the search query
  • Fixed a very rare issue where a file would not open on a mobile device.