Thursday, June 14, 2018

Desktop App 3.6.15

  • Opening a prototype or clicking Go To Master Component would always open the new file at the end of the tab strip. Now, it will open right next to the file you’re currently viewing
  • Closing a tab for a file that you’re not currently viewing would switch you to that tab. Now, you can close other tabs without having to switch to the tabs
  • The Full Screen button in the prototype view would not do anything when clicked. We fixed this so the prototype now enters full screen view
  • If your computer had to restart while Figma was open, the app would not always open all of the tabs that were originally open. Now - Figma will always reopen all open tabs
  • Toggling the “hide extension” setting on macOS when exporting would sometimes cause a failed export. We’ve fixed this so you can always export successfully
  • On some Windows machines, a tiny gap would be visible under the tap strip if the text size was set to 125%. We’ve fixed this so no gap appears
  • Sometimes, opening the Desktop App would result in tabs opening in your browser, too. We fixed this so files are only opened in the Desktop App now
  • macOS: Added the Align and Distribute shortcuts to the Desktop App menu
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Copy Properties and Paste Properties from working