Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's New This Week



  • Sketch Import
    • Imported Sketch files always appeared with a white canvas color. Now, we match Sketch’s artboard and canvas background colors on import
    • Rectangles would always import as flattened vectors. Now, rectangles from Sketch will behave like rectangles created in Figma with the ability to round independent corners.
    • In some scenarios, we would not preserve nested component overrides. We now do a better job preserving your overrides so your imported file looks just like your Sketch file.
  • Editor
    • Resizing groups of lines at extreme coordinates could result in the line “jumping” around while resizing. We fixed this so line objects resize correctly and smoothly.
    • In the Layout Grid panel, arrow keys did not work when adjusting the column or row count. We fixed this so you can adjust your layout grids using your keyboard arrows.
    • The text insertion caret would appear as large as the line height for the text object. We fixed this so the text insertion caret is always the same size as the font, not the line height.
    • In Chrome, the objects panel would not scroll if you tried to drag a layer beyond the visible area. We fixed this so the objects panel always scrolls so you can move your layers around freely.
    • Adjusting the fill or stroke properties of an object inside of a boolean op would not update the boolean op itself. We fixed this so adjusting the fill and the stroke will update how the boolean op appears.
    • When creating objects on the canvas, we would sometimes snap to objects that are outside of the visible portion of the canvas. We fixed this so your objects only snap to other objects that are within the viewport.
    • Previously, we would snap objects to all objects in a masked group, including those that were not visible. We fixed this so now objects will only snap to the visible portion of a mask.
    • Pasting images from your clipboard would always paste above all content including your selections. We now paste images based on your selection so they parent correctly.
    • Added missing tooltips for text alignment icons in the properties panel.
    • Display the shortcuts for increase/decrease font size as “⬆⌘>” and “⬆⌘<“ in the menu instead of “⌘>“ and “⌘<
    • In observation mode, changing tools or editing shapes would not remove you from observation mode. We fixed this so any editing action or tool change will remove you from observation mode.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented using Alt + Enter to submit comments on Windows
    • Fixed a bug that prevented momentum scrolling from working correctly when viewing files on mobile
    • Fixed a bug in the Figma Mirror app where an expired session would not allow you to sign back into the app
  • Team Library
    • Swapping a nested component using the sidebar would always select the parent component after the swap. We fixed this so the nested instance remains selected, allowing you to quickly edit the properties of the swapped instance.
    • In some situations, you could paste a master component into another master component. We fixed this to prevent this from happening.
  • CSS and Developer Handoff
    • Our generated CSS for strikethrough text was incorrect. We fixed this to correctly display “text-decoration-line: line-through”.
    • For some fonts, we would display the CSS for “font-weight” incorrectly. We fixed this so the font-weight matches the weight of the font you’re using.
    • Our CSS will now display the overflow behavior for frames
    • When applying a text style to a text object, we would not update our generated CSS to reflect the text style’s settings. We now keep the generated CSS updated when you apply text styles to text objects.
  • Prototyping
    • Scrolling a prototype would sometimes result in comments “bouncing”. We fixed this so comment pins are stable while scrolling.
    • Rotated frames would not appear correctly in prototypes and sometimes changed the display order of the prototype. We fixed this so rotated frames appear correctly in prototypes.
    • Fixed a bug where blend modes for masked objects would not appear correctly in your prototypes.
    • Fixed a bug where some nested instances would not appear when viewing files on a mobile device