Thursday, August 16, 2018

What's New This Week

  • Style pickers now appear as pop-ups instead of floating windows to make it easer to swap styles quickly
  • We now group italic font styles separately from the rest of the font styles to help move between weights more quickly

  • Clicking the export setting popover would not dismiss the window. We fixed this so clicking on the ••• button will correctly dismiss the export settings.
  • Restoring a deleted style would not work correctly for everyone viewing a file. We fixed this so all files are updated correctly when restoring deleted styles.
  • Pasting deeply nested instances into new files would sometimes result in them being converted into frames instead. We fixed this so the instances are preserved
  • Prototypes
    • The "Show Hotspot Hints on Click" setting would not persist when reloading the prototype or when someone else opened the same prototype. We now preserve this setting when you share the prototype so you can maintain control over hotspot hints.
    • Fixed a bug where the prototype UI would hide immediately after clicking the arrows, preventing you from clicking through a prototype. We now keep the arrows in view so you can navigate a prototype with the UI arrows.
    • Refreshing a prototype would reset the scale mode to the Fill mode. We now preserve the scale mode when refreshing a prototype