Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What's New This Week



  • Improved the Properties Panel UI to be more condensed

  • Fixed a bug that prevented images in multi-page Sketch files from appearing in Figma.
  • SVG Export
    • Fixed a bug that prevented our SVG exports from displaying shadows correctly in Safari
    • Fixed a bug where rotated rectangles with an inside or outside stroke would not appear correctly
    • Rotated circles would export at an incorrect location. We fixed this so rotated circles appear in the right location
  • Prototypes
    • Prototype Embeds were not appearing with the scale mode that was originally set. We now respect the scale mode that you've set
    • Fixed a bug where some gradients would appear differently in your prototype
    • Moving an entire prototype to a different page would reset all connections. We fixed this so prototypes are preserved when moving them to a different page.
  • Styles
    • Layout Grid Styles would sometimes not appear correctly when applied to a frame. We fixed this so you should always see the Layout Grids when applying them as a style.
    • For some View-Only users, the style name would not appear in the Code tab. We fixed this so you should always be able to see which style were used for a shape or text object.
    • For text objects, the style previews were not taking advanced type transforms into account. We now display Text Style previews with any advanced type settings that are applied.
    • Swapping instances which used different styles would sometimes result in the Properties Panel displaying the wrong Fill Style. We fixed this so the Fill Style always matches your selection.