Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What's New This Week

  • You can now add descriptions to individual styles
  • We've removed transforms wherever possible for SVG exports

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from using TypeKit fonts in Figma
  • Styles
    • In some circumstances, the Properties Panel would not display all the properties of the selected object correctly. We fixed this so the Properties Panel always matches your selection.
    • Previously, restoring a style on an object would require two undo actions. Now, a single undo action will apply the removed style.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented publishing a style if it was moved between files
  • Prototypes
    • Rotating a frame and then rotating it back to 0° would prevent it from acting as a scrolling frame. We fixed this so you should always be able to scroll portrait frames correctly.
    • Reordering layers would not work as expected when moving between SCROLL or FIXED positions. We fixed this so reordering layers works as expected.
    • Very large images would appear briefly and then disappear. We fixed this so large images are always visible