Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What's New This Week


  • We now show Text Style descriptions as tooltips when hovering over them in the Properties Panel
  • The Instance Swapping menu now better separates local instances and instances from the Team Library


  • In some situations, the Restart button would not appear at the end of a prototype. We fixed this so you can always restart your prototypes.
  • Fixed a bug where the preview in Figma Mirror would not update correctly if your device briefly lost its data connection
  • Styles
    • Adding a style to a frame will now enable layout grids on the file so you can see the applied style
    • Changing an object's style would not hide the selection. We now briefly hide the selection when changing an object's style so you can better see the change.
  • Editor
    • When you are missing the fonts used in a file, creating new text objects sometimes results in erratic behavior. We fixed this so new text objects are created in Roboto in these rare situations.
    • Making a new group would not always scroll the Layers Panel to the new group. We now scroll to the new group so you can stay organized.
  • Team Library
    • Pasting components with nested instances into a new file would sometimes result in lost overrides. We fixed this so your pasted components should retain all overrides.
    • We sometimes displayed duplicate components in our search results. We fixed this so you should see a single result for each component
    • Instances with the same name would not appear correctly in the Instance Swapping Menu. We've fixed this so instances with the same name appear as separate options.