Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What's New This Week


  • We have a cure for your listlessness! You can now view your Components Tab in a list view 🎉

  • Editor
    • Flattening an object with a gradient would distort the gradient. We fixed this so flattening objects preserves your gradients.
    • Pasting text into an existing text object and then undoing the change would sometimes result in the text object moving on the canvas. We fixed this so your text object remains unchanged after undoing a paste action.
    • Resizing a group would cause the children to end up off-pixel. We now ensure that all objects are placed on whole pixels when resizing a group if the Snap to Pixel Grid setting is enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where selecting an object with the Apple Magic Mouse would move the selection by a few pixels.
    • Fixed a bug where the Frame title on the canvas would remain visible when the frame was hidden
    • Fixed a bug where deep-clicking to select a nested frame with a disabled background was not consistently working
  • SVG Export
    • Fixed a bug where exporting horizontally-flipped or vertically-flipped objects would result in missing content
    • Exporting a layer with a disabled paint would result in the wrong color being exported. We fixed this so exporting SVGs will always choose the paint that is visible on the canvas.
  • Prototypes
    • We’ve added a Presentation setting under Devices to make it easier to view your prototype as a presentation.
  • Team Library
    • Renaming an instance while viewing the Team Library tab would not switch to the Layers Panel. We fixed this so you will now switch to the Layers Panel when renaming layers. 
    • Adding an instance to your file would sometimes scroll the tab to the top. We now preserve your scroll setting in the Components tab when adding instances to your file.