Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What's New This Week


  • Need to rename a lot of elements at once?  Now you can change the name of a group of layers and sequence them with our latest feature Batch Rename.


  • Editor
    • Exporting boolean ops would sometimes freeze the editor for a long period of time. We fixed this so it exports much quicker now.
    • Fonts that began with a "." would not appear in your local fonts list. We now include fonts that being with a period.
    • Exporting scaled objects as SVGs would result in incorrectly scaled objects. We now export these scaled objects correctly

  • Rendering fixes
    • Fixed an issue where effects inside of a mask were not appearing correctly
    • Fixed a bug where Layer Blur and Drop Shadows were not appearing for clipped frames
    • Fixed a bug where an inner shadow combined with a layer blur would not appear correctly
    • Fixed a bug where background blurs did not include effects

  • Team Library and Styles
    • Editing a master component that contained a boolean op would result in very slow updates for its instances. We sped this up so your updates should appear quickly.
    • Fixed a bug where image thumbnails for styles did not appear consistently.

  • Sketch Import
    • Fixed a bug where objects with 2+ strokes would not appear correctly