Thursday, May 2, 2019

What's New

  • Smart Selection got smarter today. Now, you can easily delete and duplicate text, images, and objects using Smart Selection. The surrounding objects automatically move to fill the void or make room for the new addition. 

  • Holding shift while drawing an object will now automatically enable constrain proportions.

Bug Fixes:
  • Previously, when you detached a shared instance, the nested instances would become detached from their master components. That was no fun. Now, when you detach a shared instance, the nested instances will not be detached anymore. Your nested instances will continue to receive updates from their original master components in the team library.
  • Previously, exporting objects with outside strokes would sometimes result in poor quality PDFs. Now, outside strokes appear sharp and match your designs. 
  • Previously, we sometimes showed a blank character when attempting to use a CJK character in a Latin-based font. We now show more CJK characters, so you should see fewer invisible characters.
  • Previously, if you had a long list of styles, no matter what you had selected, the style picker would always start you at the top. So you had to always scroll to the one you’re currently using. Now, you can say bye to scrolling. When you open the style picker, it will be scrolled to the style you’re currently using. 
  • Previously, you could not view the Master Component of an instance if you only had viewing rights to a file. Now you can! 
  • The keyboard shortcut for locking layers now works properly for layers within an instance.
  • Sometimes, images mysteriously appear incorrectly when viewing a prototype. Now, they appear as expected.
  • When importing Sketch files into Figma, symbol overrides and background colors in symbols are now being imported correctly and appearing as they previously did in Sketch.