Friday, May 10, 2019

What's New

  • When you’re using the Scale tool to resize an object, you’ll now notice a different cursor. It’s just a subtle prompt that quietly reminds you that the object is about to scale proportionally. 
  • Pressing the alt + 2 shortcut will now always allow you to search your assets tab, even when the Assets tab is open.
  • Holding Shift in vector edit mode will now snap vector points to 45°.

Bug Fixes:
  • Editor: Last week was Quality Week for the the Editor team. Instead of building something new, we focused our attention on keeping the Editor experience seamless and performant for all the teams that live in it every day. 17 bugs smashed! 
    • Figma sometimes double-nudged vector handles when you’re editing an object in vector edit mode. This no longer happens. 
    • A single undo action would not properly undo a series of small nudges in vector edit mode. This is fixed. 
    • Skewing a frame would not correctly skew the objects within the frame. Now, it skews correctly. 
    • Previously, replacing the color of an object with a gradient using the color picker would only replace a single gradient stop. Now, when you replace using the color picker, we replace the gradient with a solid color.
    • Using the shortcut for Bold text would sometimes incorrectly choose “Extra Bold”. Now it selects the Bold style you expected.
    • Previously, you could not change a Frame into a Group immediately after drawing it on the canvas. Now, you can. 
    • Exporting a boolean op as an SVG was previously not rendering correctly in Chrome. Now, now this is fixed. 
    • Using the shortcut Ctrl + \ would only hide the Figma UI but not make it appear again. Now, it hides and re-appears. 
    • Font size, line height, and letter spacing now honors your Big Nudge setting.
    • Scaling text objects was previously not scaling letter spacing, paragraph spacing, or paragraph indent. Now, it all scales. 
    • Click+dragging the preset Frame dropdown would still consume all keyboard entries. This is now fixed. 
    • Keyboard shortcuts on Windows are no longer poorly spaced.
    • Scrolling in the Layers Panel was a bit of pain, so we fixed 5 things to make this better: 
      • Sometimes, scrolling the Layers Panel did not work if you were hovering over the scrollbar. Now, it scrolls. 
      • Right-clicking an object on the canvas would not automatically scroll the Layers Panel to reveal your selection. Now, it does. 
      • Switching between the Assets and Layers tabs would sometimes result in the Layers Panel not scrolling to your selection. Now, the Layers Panel shows your selection when switching between tabs.
      • Using the Select Layer menu would not scroll the Layers Panel to your selection.
      • The Lock and visibility icons are now easier to click in the Layers Panel.
  • Prototypes:
    • Previously, entering comment mode as signed-out user would cause the prototype to crash. With the latest fix, you are now prompted to sign-in when leaving feedback on a prototype.
  • Desktop App:
    • Previously, restarting the Desktop App would mark all tabs as “viewed”—impacting what appears in your Recents section in a less than ideal manner. Now, we only update Recents when you actually view an open tab.
  • Sketch Import:
    • Some text object fill colors would not import correctly into Figma. Now, it does.