Thursday, May 16, 2019

What's new

  • Components are core to how you create reusable designs in a fraction of the time. Now, you can create multiple components in one click. Select as many objects as you want and turn them all into components instantly. Hooray for more reusable designs for you and your team to work from.

  • Return to Instance has arrived. Go to your Master Component to reference or edit, and quickly get back to the Instance you were working on—all without disrupting your flow. 

  • Component descriptions are now available in the Code panel. Write useful notes to your developers, like instructions, exceptions, or GitHub URLS, for a more seamless hand-off. Viewable in the Code Panel, view-only users like your developers will have all the details they need.

  • PDFs that contain linear gradients now appear correctly in Firefox.
  • Previously, the Missing Fonts dialog would sometimes appear incorrectly and ignored the “Show Google Fonts” setting. Now, it works correctly and respects your Google font setting.
  • Japanese and Chinese text now appear correctly when using justified alignment.
  • Previously in several circumstances, text selection would not appear. Now, it appears correctly.