Thursday, July 25, 2019

What's New

Did you miss last week’s release notes? Have no fear. You get 2X the release notes today 🙌

  • We improved background blurs! They no longer have halos due to colors outside of the edges.

  • When editing a text object, you can now switch between text objects in a single click.

  • Cursors in Figma are now cleaner. We removed the unnecessary white cursors that appeared when snapping.

  • We made some significant performance improvements for teams with large Team Libraries and made component thumbnails load faster.  

Bug Fixes
We fixed all the following bugs: 
  • Overlays would sometimes not work with scrolling frames.
  • Exported file names would sometimes get truncated.
  • Headers in the asset panel would sometimes get stuck in the middle of the screen. 
  • Swapping components would not work properly when background styles were used.
  • @ mentioning a user whose name starts with an emoji would cause the comment to start disappearing (thanks @AustinTByrd for spotting).
  • Sketch imports would sometimes result in gibberish text being added to a document.
  • Polygon shapes from Sketch would not import correctly.
  • We tweaked some code that was wasting CPU cycles on idle.
  • We fixed the playback speed of certain animated GIFs.