Thursday, December 5, 2019

What's New

⭐️ New

  • Today we’re releasing Auto Layout so you can spend more time iterating and less time moving things around. With Auto Layout:
    • Buttons can resize with their text
    • Lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around
    • Auto Layout elements can be nested to create interfaces which respond to their content
    • You can convert existing Components into Auto Layout from the option menu or with "Shift + A"

  • When adding Objects, hold down the Space bar to prevent Figma from reparenting an object
    • When moving an object out of a Frame's bounds, hold the Space bar to keep an object within the current parent
    • Frames can now have borders and border radius applied directly to them
    • Added a “Copy Link” menu item when right-clicking on files
    • SSO options now include support for any SAML 2.0 identity provider

    🐞 Bug Fixes

    • Fixed problems with preview in the Type Details panel
    • Made sure tooltips disappear when you type, so they don’t get in your way
    • Made Smart Animate work better with overlays
    • Fixed a problem with masking in SVG export