Thursday, July 22, 2021

🥊 Knockout shadow, pencil tool tricks, and more!

  • Figma now supports “knockout” shadow. We no longer display drop shadows through transparent areas of an object or layer by default.
  • Hold Shift to draw straight lines when using the pencil tool in Figma and FigJam.
  • Default pencil and text colors are now smarter. When you draw or type, they are now black or white depending on the background.
  • We’ve updated the tab keyboard shortcuts on desktop so they’re more intuitive. Press ⌘1 on Mac, Ctrl+1 on Windows to open the file browser, and ⌘2, 3, 4 or Crtl+2,3, 4 to open subsequent tabs.
  • We added a new keyboard shortcut for strikethrough text - ⌘⇧X on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+X on Windows.
  • The missing font dialog now includes a layer count if you hover over an icon, making it easier to see the impact of a font being missing.
  • Pressing K in Figma now consistently brings up scale mode, but doesn’t exit it, so it’s more predictable (h/t to Morgan for the feedback!)
  • We’ve cleaned up measuring lines when you duplicate objects - you’ll now see two instead of four. And, we added some logic so it’s harder to accidentally not duplicate something, even if you let go of the key too early.
  • Design Systems updates:
    • You can press Shift while clicking on individual publishing checkboxes to select ranges.
    • You’re now able to open library files from the libraries modal.