Tuesday, October 19, 2021

✨ More ways to jam with your team

We’re bringing our open platform to FigJam to give you new ways to meet, connect, and have fun with your team: 

  • Widgets: over 20 new widgets to bring in new functionality to your jam sessions—from voting, polling, games, and more. 
  • Plugins: over 40 new plugins to speed up your workflow in FigJam.

We’re also introducing a few features that make it easier for your team to collaborate in FigJam: 

  • Open sessions: start an open session to invite users to your FigJam files for 24 hours—no Figma account required.
  • New shapes: 4 new shapes to build architecture diagrams in FigJam.
  • Code blocks: brainstorm, format, and review code snippets in 14 languages.
  • Templates: find and use templates without ever leaving the file.

To learn more, read our blog post or check out this open sessions playground file.