Monday, December 5, 2016

Figma 1.0.21


  • File previews when viewing invites
  • File previews when viewing "/duplicate" file links


  • Opacity Slider only commits one undo action per change now.
  • Email invites have max width and height limits for file thumbnails.
  • CSS export now writes opacity as a percentage.
  • Manual and Auto Groups are now simply "Frames" and "Groups".
  • Figma Mirror now displays blend modes more accurately.
  • SVG Path Data improvements.
  • Email confirmation emails no longer show Medium article in Google Inbox.

Desktop App 1.0.19:

  • Improved window resizing performance.
  • Loading indicator appears on first launch for open files.
  • Better management of CPU usage.
  • macOS: Double tapping on trackpad no longer zooms within the app.
  • Fixed: Drag folders between teams.
  • Fixed: Restoring previous versions of a file no longer opens a browser window.
  • Fixed: Clicking Figma document links within comments now opens the file within the app.