Thursday, August 22, 2019

What's New

⭐️ New

This week, we saw more awesome new plugins from our community. Here are a few we think you should check out:


Now, you can browse Figma Plugins by date published—making it easier to discover new plugins.

🐞 Bug Fixes

We fixed all the following bugs: 
  • Sketch files that contained styles would not import correctly. 
  • Underlines and strikethrough text layers were not importing correctly from Sketch.
  • Background colors of symbols were not importing correctly from Sketch.
  • It was difficult to log into Figma when trying to install a plugin from your mobile device.
  • We also improved loading states when browsing plugins.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

What's New

The Figma community continues to impress us with more, new plugins. Some notable, new plugins that’ve been added over the last week include SkewDat, Anchor Resizer, Focus Orderer, Make Blob, and more. Explore and install all the plugins here

We've improved commenting, so you can easily see and act on feedback. Easily browse most recent comments. Filter comments and get email notifications on the feedback you need to pay attention to.

Bug fixes
  • There was a long-standing bug where number keys for opacity would occasionally stop working. This bug has finally been eradicated!
  • We fixed several bugs affecting plugins: 
    • From the Browse All plugins page, you can now open a plugin listing in a new tab using `command + click`.
    • The sort order and search query would reset when navigating to view a plugin from the Browse All plugins page.
    • We improved how notes for version history display.
    • Fixed a bug where we would not truncate very long links in the support contact field.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

What's New

Since the launch of plugins, the Figma community has introduced 37 new plugins over the last week! You'll now find new plugins like Find and Replace, Paste to Fill, Nisa Text Splitter, Navigator, and more. Explore and install all the plugins here

We’ve introduced a new Viewer permission that will enable Editors to further restrict Viewers from copying, duplicating, or downloading a file and inviting other users to the file.

Bug Fixes:
We fixed all the following bugs: 
  • Editing text within an instance would sometimes be very slow. 
  • Files with hundreds of local styles would result in very poor performance when panning and zooming the canvas. 
  • Some GIFs would not render correctly in the prototype view.
  • The prototype view would go blank on some machines when left in the background for a long time.
  • We also released a bunch of plugin UI fixes: 
    • New hover states when hovering over plugins in the Browse All view
    • Better loading states when viewing a plugin
    • Plugin install numbers now show up as three digits e.g. 1K → 1.3K

Thursday, August 1, 2019

What's New

Today, we are excited to introduce plugins to the entire Figma community, alongside hundreds of creators who’ve built and published plugins during our beta! Read about what makes a Figma Plugin different in our blog post and check out over 40 plugins

We made some visual refinements to the shared fonts dialog.

Bug Fixes:
We fixed all the following bugs: 
  • Names of people you invite to files would sometimes show up 2X.
  • Images in prototypes would sometimes show up upside down.
  • Inner shadows sometimes looked incorrect in the prototype view.
  • Transparent backgrounds in Figma embeds didn’t look right.
  • Images sometimes appeared rotated in the prototype view.
  • Images in the prototype view would temporarily become blurry when reconnecting to WiFi.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What's New

Did you miss last week’s release notes? Have no fear. You get 2X the release notes today 🙌

  • We improved background blurs! They no longer have halos due to colors outside of the edges.

  • When editing a text object, you can now switch between text objects in a single click.

  • Cursors in Figma are now cleaner. We removed the unnecessary white cursors that appeared when snapping.

  • We made some significant performance improvements for teams with large Team Libraries and made component thumbnails load faster.  

Bug Fixes
We fixed all the following bugs: 
  • Overlays would sometimes not work with scrolling frames.
  • Exported file names would sometimes get truncated.
  • Headers in the asset panel would sometimes get stuck in the middle of the screen. 
  • Swapping components would not work properly when background styles were used.
  • @ mentioning a user whose name starts with an emoji would cause the comment to start disappearing (thanks @AustinTByrd for spotting).
  • Sketch imports would sometimes result in gibberish text being added to a document.
  • Polygon shapes from Sketch would not import correctly.
  • We tweaked some code that was wasting CPU cycles on idle.
  • We fixed the playback speed of certain animated GIFs.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

What's New

  • Earlier this week, we announced that Figma supports animated GIFs in prototypes! Simply add a GIF to your file and watch it come to life when you click “Present.” Check out our blog post for more details and some animation inspiration. 
  • When you need to reference an older version, you can now directly link to that specific file version. Just click "Copy Link" to grab the URL. 

  • Interacting with a mobile prototype now better mimics the behavior of mobile apps/devices in real life, so designs feel like the real thing.
    • Momentum scrolling: When you scroll a mobile prototype, we now support momentum scrolling (aka fling to scroll).
    • Overscroll: Figma mobile prototypes now support overscroll behavior.
    • Touch cursor: Instead of a mouse cursor, you can now walk through a mobile prototype with our new touch cursor.
  • Now, you can position layout grids to the right or to the bottom of a frame! This is helpful if you're designing a layout with a left sidebar and/or trying to visualize padding at the bottom of a component or frame.

Bug Fixes
  • GIFs in the Figma Mirror app were not working when we launched GIF support on Tuesday. This was fixed the next day. 
  • We fixed a bug where Figma would change the color of your selected item unintentionally when you are zooming the canvas with the color picker open. 
  • Shared Fonts would sometimes not show up for some users. This is now fixed. 
  • Sometimes, Text Styles failed to work the first time they are used. This now works as expected.
  • Previously, publishing to the Team Library would sometimes fail. This has been fixed. 
  • The system would sometimes prompt you to update from the Team Library when nothing had changed. This no longer occurs. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What's New

  • Now, you can easily drag and drop images directly into a fill in the properties panel. It’s a time-saving detail that makes placing images a bit easier.