Thursday, March 2, 2017

Figma 1.3.7


  • You can now import Sketch files on Chrome OS and Linux.
  • The align and distribute panel will now appear when you are in vector edit mode.
  • We now warn you when you delete a file that contains a published component.
  • We now show you a notification to update the Team Library when you delete a published component.


  • Locked instances are no longer selectable on the canvas.
  • You can now swap instances with the same name. 
  • Placing an instance from the Team Library will no longer parent them into a frame or component automatically.
  • We no longer show component update notifications for View-Only users.
  • Gradient stops within the color picker will no longer merge when dragged over another stop.
  • Right-clicking within the Team Library publishing window will no longer show the browser context menu.
  • We now prevent dragging a thumbnail from the Team Library publishing window.
  • Preset colors with an opacity setting now applies correctly from the list view.
  • We now correctly set constraints from imported Sketch files.
  • Gradients with transparent gradient stops now appear correctly when viewing designs on a mobile device.
  • We now hide the browser context menu when right-clicking objects and within the Figma context menu for Windows users.
  • We now prevent the ability to have negative stroke weights.
  • Better support for mixed paint handling for fills and strokes.