Thursday, March 23, 2017

Figma 1.4.9


  • View-only now provides developer handoff. Supports selection, shows dimensions of each selection, and works with Live Device Preview and presentation mode. Redlining, export, and copy actions are all provided.
  • Command-Clicking to expand or collapse a layer, with several selected, will collapse/expand them all
  • Top-level Frames remain sticky while scrolling through Layers Panel
  • Improved masking UI in the Layers Panel
  • Move to Project window now lets you move files quickly between personal and team projects
  • Support for the new Sketch 43 file format
  • Open in New Tab option now available in the context menu in the file space
  • Menu actions:
    • Select All With Same Component: With an instance selected, this action will select all other instances with the same component master
    • Hide Other Layers: Hides all layers that are not currently selected. Particularly useful for hiding layers in a component


  • Version history entries now shows the correct preview
  • Color format in the Loupe View updates immediately after changing the format
  • We no longer show warnings when using Google Fonts if they are hidden from the font list.
  • Roboto is now always displayed in the font list even when Google Fonts are hidden
  • Fixes to accessing your local fonts including support for more local fonts
  • Undo, Redo, and Selection fixes
  • Groups and Frames now have a blue resize outline on selection
  • Resize outline once again disappears momentarily when making changes to a group
  • Opening small documents will always open at 100% zoom
  • We now always show the missing font dialog when font downloads fail
  • Performance improvements in documents that use layout grids
  • Fixed issues with range selection and cursor sometimes appearing in the wrong location for text objects
  • If you change text properties for text objects pasted into a document, it now works as expected
  • We now require you to confirm your email address in order to send invites