Thursday, April 6, 2017

Figma 1.5.4



  • Constraints are now preserved when detaching instances
  • Resizing frames no longer rotates lines within
  • Move to Project drop-down no longer shifts on Firefox on Windows
  • Cursor no longer switches to an I-beam when dragging layers in the Layers Panel
  • Command + Shift + \ (macOS) and Ctrl + Shift + \ (Windows) toggles the layers panel again
  • Show Layers Panel in the View menu works again
  • Range selection in the Layers Panel now works as expected
  • Export window loads much faster for large documents
  • Frames and Components can be used as masks again
  • Hover outlines are now disabled for selected layers
  • On-canvas selection outlines now hide when changing the object’s properties
  • Updated UI for the missing font dialog