Thursday, June 1, 2017

What's new


  • We now show the IME picker on macOS when entering text in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • You can now adjust your nudge settings in your preferences menu


  • The Place Image tool now places images correctly when used from both the toolbar and the search menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts on macOS now work properly when using Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboard layouts
  • The canvas no longer darkens when drawing frames
  • The visual bell will now disappear immediately after opening a duplicated file
  • Objects inside of a frame will now only snap to other objects in the same frame.
  • The paint setting is no longer selected in the Properties Panel when changing an object’s color
  • The F11 keyboard shortcut on Windows now toggles full screen
  • Tooltips now appear in Safari
  • Missing font dialog now shows an option to enable local fonts
  • Objects Panel
    • Objects Panel will now scroll when pasting or duplicating objects to show you the new object
    • Grouping layers in the Objects Panel will no longer scroll the list to the top
    • Dropping an SVG into the Objects Panel (or Properties Panel) will no longer kick you out of the editor
    • We now remember your scroll position in the Objects Panel when collapsing or expanding top-level frames