Friday, July 14, 2017

What's new


  • Comments can now be attached to frames, components, instances and groups.
  • We now have a community forum on Spectrum!
  • We now show measurements and redlines with guides

  • Nudging complex shapes in vector edit mode is much faster now
  • We now preserve your opacity setting when you change a fill in the Properties Panel
  • Export previews will no longer show non-exportable objects
  • The Objects Panel will now immediately show the selected objects on the canvas.
  • Stroke weight overrides in an instance are now preserved when you detach an instance
  • Moving a file from your drafts to a team will now convert the file to view-only public access
  • Rulers now show selection offsets when something is selected on the canvas
  • Adding layout grids to a frame will now enable the global layout grid setting