Thursday, July 20, 2017

What's New

  • We now include more fonts international by default
    • Noto Sans SC, TC, JP, KR (Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean)
    • Noto Sans Bengali, Javanese, Malay, Telugu, Tai, Thai, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada
  • Added support for Image Adjustments!


  • Components
    • You can now insert instances from the Team Library into the same file that holds the master component
    • We now preserve size overrides for instances when changing the master component
    • Moving a sublayer of an instance will now move the entire instance
    • The Find Component context menu option now works for instances
  • Deleting gradient stops for a group will now delete just the gradient stop and not the group itself
  • Undoing multiple gradient stop deletions will now restore gradient stops one by one
  • Fixed flickering on the ruler while moving multiple objects on the canvas
  • Copy and pasting objects after using the ESC key to dismiss menus should now work again
  • Creating text objects in Edge now works after changing tools
  • Clipped frames now properly prevent selection outside of the frame's bounds
  • Improved Move to Project modal
  • Improved image loading performance