Thursday, October 19, 2017

What's new



  • Groups with a mask will now have the correct bounds when creating a duplicate
  • Selecting the already-chosen menu item in a dropdown will now collapse the dropdown menu
  • We no longer show deleted components in the instance dropdown menu
  • Clicking on a gradient stop in the color picker will no longer move it inadvertently
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from selecting a vector point if it was under a guide
  • Masked images from Sketch will now appear correctly after importing into Figma
  • Flattening boolean ops and outlining stroke on objects should result in fewer vector points
  • The context menu will now always appear at your cursor location when the UI is hidden
  • Fixed a bug where constraining proportions for a single object would enable the setting for all objects
  • We now prevent instances from resizing when you double-click its bounds
  • We now show a link to update your components in the Components tab
  • We now sort font styles by weight, italic state, and then by name
  • We now include a full screen button to the prototyping view
  • Figma Live Embeds will now correctly scale content when viewing them fullscreen 
  • Text overrides in instances will now resize the text objects