Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What's New


  • We now have @ mentions!
  • We now have file sorting options!
  • You can now copy your designs as PNG images using the right-click menu
  • You can now swap instances directly from the Team Library by holding down option (or command + option to for nested instances) while dragging the instance into your file

  • New team members that join from a Slack integration will now be viewers by default
  • Improved our copy and paste behaviors

  • Fixed a bug that inserted a space after entering the first character in a text object
  • Editing a text object that is centered will no longer hide the cursor
  • Fixed a bug where you would be incorrectly shown the missing fonts dialog when editing a text object
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from deep-clicking or using the Select Layer menu to select nested objects that are outside the frame's bounds
  • Fixed a rare bug where scaling a boolean-op would make it flash intermittently
  • Fixed a rare bug where an instance incorrectly retained its connection to a symbol after being detached
  • Fixed a bug where the properties panel would sometimes not appear when opening a file
  • We now add a space after emoji’s in comments to help you enter your feedback more fluidly
  • Fixed a bug that removed Copy as CSS from the context menu