Thursday, December 13, 2018

What's New


  • Editor
    • Detaching a text style would sometimes remove some of the properties of the text object. We fixed this so detaching a text style retains all the properties
    • Fixed a bug to make sure the selected gradient stop on the canvas is always visible in the color picker when modifying gradients
    • Fixed a bug where changing the background of a frame or group would not hide the selection UI
    • Fixed a bug where you could not measure distances to guides in view-only mode
    • Fixed a bug where background blurs could look incorrect if you had a transparent canvas
  • Team Library
    • Cutting and pasting a component within a file will no longer detach it from its instances
  • Prototypes
    • Bring back the ability to swipe on mobile to navigate a presentation
    • Fixed a bug where deleting a prototype connection could sometimes delete the object, too
    • Fixed a bug where an image might appear upside down in a prototype
    • Fixed a bug where drop shadows could appear incorrectly in a prototype