Thursday, August 15, 2019

What's New

The Figma community continues to impress us with more, new plugins. Some notable, new plugins that’ve been added over the last week include SkewDat, Anchor Resizer, Focus Orderer, Make Blob, and more. Explore and install all the plugins here

We've improved commenting, so you can easily see and act on feedback. Easily browse most recent comments. Filter comments and get email notifications on the feedback you need to pay attention to.

Bug fixes
  • There was a long-standing bug where number keys for opacity would occasionally stop working. This bug has finally been eradicated!
  • We fixed several bugs affecting plugins: 
    • From the Browse All plugins page, you can now open a plugin listing in a new tab using `command + click`.
    • The sort order and search query would reset when navigating to view a plugin from the Browse All plugins page.
    • We improved how notes for version history display.
    • Fixed a bug where we would not truncate very long links in the support contact field.