Thursday, October 24, 2019

What's New

⭐️ New

This past Tuesday, we introduced new ways for you to connect with your teammates and other designers around the world:

  • A redesign of your Figma workspace: Discover the new Project, Team, and Organization Pages—redesigned around the people behind the work. It’s now easier for you and your teammates to discover the most important work and projects. Learn more here.

  • Introducing the Figma Community: Now in beta, the Figma Community is a public space where you can publish live design files and create a public profile. Anyone in the world can view your file source, remix it, and learn from your work. Sign up for the beta here.

✅ Improved

  • Try out the new keyboard shortcuts when prototyping!
    • → Toggle full screen
    • → Cycle between zoom modes
    • Shift-Z  cycle backwards between zoom modes
  • Animation settings such as duration can now be set even when multiple objects are selected.

🔌 Plugin API

  • Added a new ‘close’ event to allow plugins to clean things up when they are being dismissed.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We fixed various prototyping bugs.
  • You can now add multiple spaces in page names.
  • Duplicated objects are now correctly positioned even if they’ve been rotated.