Thursday, October 31, 2019

What's New

🐞 Bug Fixes

We fixed the following bugs:
  • Prototyping
    • Lines would not work correctly with Smart Animate
    • A prototype would sometimes be shifted down a few pixels when viewing it as a Presentation 
    • Some images appeared blurry when viewing a prototype on a mobile device
    • A rare issue where a prototype would flash between different colors
    • The list of Frames in the prototype panel were not sorted alphabetically 
    • Using the browser’s back button in a prototype would show confusing messages if the frames were deleted
    • Copying and pasting objects would sometimes result in lost prototyping links
    • Smart Animate would not work correctly between groups
    • Cycling through your prototype could create a momentary black screen
    • A rare issue where a 1px line would appear in your prototype
    • Rendering issues on certain mobile devices and Windows versions
  • Editor
    • You could not undo replacing mixed content
    • We now hide actions in the toolbar when they don’t apply to your selection
    • Clicking on an outside stroke would not select the object itself
    • Sometimes, the preview in the Type Details panel appears outside of the preview window. This preview is now always visible
    • Some AAT features were not supported in our Type Details panel
    • The Type Details panel would close when switching between text objects
    • ⌘R did not refresh in Safari. The new shortcut is ⌘⇧R
    • You could not scrub any fields inside of the Layout Grids panel
    • Smart Selections now ignore locked layers
    • You could accidentally perform a browser zoom action when editing a text object property
    • You couldn't scroll the pages panel while reordering pages
  • Styles
    • Outline Stroke would not correctly turn stroke styles into fills
    • Private styles would sometimes be publishable to your Team Library
    • A Boolean Union of two objects that have stroke styles applied correctly preserves them
    • Style previews did not appear correctly after changing the style color
  • Developer handoff
    • We now correctly expose dashed lines in our CSS export
    • Radial gradients did not appear correctly in our CSS export
    • Image URLs were not working in the Desktop App
    • Text objects with a color style would not not show the right property 
    • We increased the decimal output for colors when viewing our iOS code export
    • Frames that have styles applied to their background did not appear correctly in our CSS export. We fixed this so the right color appears
    • Letter spacing was not appearing correctly for our iOS code export