Tuesday, August 24, 2021

⚡️ Updates to Community, FigJam, and more...

📣 @mentions and emoji shortcuts are now available in Community comments

    • You can @mention other Community members in comments, and they will receive notifications.
    • You can @mention other Community members in the pinned comments of Community files.
    • You can edit your posted comments to @mention other Community members.
    • You can now use emoji shortcuts like :example: in Community comments.

🌐 Introducing a separate browsing experience for Org and Team profiles in the Figma Community. If you're an admin, you can now:

    • Switch between individual user, team, or organization profiles while browsing through files and plugins.
    • Edit Community profiles. 
    • Either install or uninstall plugins for everyone in your organization (Organizations only)
    • Manage resources published by the Org / Team as an admin
    • Learn more here

✨ FigJam tablet browser updates
    • Improved Apple Pencil input behavior
    • Fixed drawing with the marker tool 
    • Fixed text entry and input handling bugs
    • Added functionality that typically relies on a mouse and keyboard, making it easier to quickly create/copy/paste/duplicate an object, add a connector, and undo/redo actions

✉️  A new way to add members in organizations with domain capture on

    • Organization admins can now add members via the members tab. These users will initially be added as viewers. 
    • Guests cannot be added via this new flow, but can continue to be added to specific teams, projects or files. 

🎨 Style Improvements
    • Style picker now allows you to select what libraries are enabled