Wednesday, November 17, 2021

💬 Changes to comments in Figma and FigJam

 We’ve redesigned comments to help teams leave feedback that’s easier to understand, manage, and act on.

  • Redesigned comment pins: Comments are now visible by default, can be kept open while making edits to designs, and show information like avatars and previews on hover. You can show and hide comments through the right-click menu or by pressing Shift + C.
  • Clusters: Comments in the same area will be grouped together as you zoom in and out of the canvas, making it easier to quickly scan the canvas and understand where feedback is concentrated.
  • Searching and sorting: Mark comments as “unread,” search by a specific keyword or person, and sort by date.
  • Comment on specific areas: Click and drag to comment on an area of the canvas.
  • Lighter comment composer: we’ve made this smaller to encourage collaborators to leave feedback that’s short and easy to follow.
  • Reactions: React to individual comments with a thumbs up, +1, or more. 
  • Redesigned sidebar: The sidebar has been streamlined and is easier to find for viewers opening a file and in presentation mode (for prototypes).

We’ve also made performance improvements so your file can better handle many comments at any given point. To learn more about all of the changes to comments, visit our Help Center.