Tuesday, January 25, 2022

🛠️ Little Big Updates and Fixes

 We recognize that there’s no update truly small when it comes to improving Figma and FigJam UX. Check out our Community File featuring 32 Little Big Updates that enhance your workflow in big ways.

As part of our quality updates, we’ve also made the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where certain fontWeight properties didn’t work for certain fontFamily properties
  • Fixed documentation and typings to correctly show that stroke, strokeWidth and strokeAlign properties exist on the Text component 
  • Fixed bug in the font picker where around “Muli” in the list, arrow keys didn’t work
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut for Distribute Spacing (on Windows)
  • Fixed issue where multiplayer avatars were jumping on selection
  • Fixed issue where Smart selection interaction gets stuck
  • Fixed a bug with the user dropdown styling
  • Fixed OpenType previews
  • Fixed when pull down selects don’t respond to the keyboard