Thursday, February 24, 2022

✨ FigJam improvements

 We've rolled out several updates to make brainstorming and diagraming even easier in FigJam.

  • A new, handy toolbox: The toolbar has been simplified so users now have a single place where they can browse through components, templates, widgets, and more.  
  • Text resizing: Text can be adjusted to any size by dragging the corners of text boxes.
  • Text size names: There's a new default text size and all of the text size names have been updated. If you make your text really small, we’ll label it “Teensy" and if you make your text really big, the size will display as "Ginormous" and then "Mammoth.”
  • Sticky stamps and highlights: Stamps and highlights will stick to whatever object they’re attached to, no matter where they move to on the canvas.
  • Image borders: Borders can now be added to any image in FigJam.
  • Swapped shape menu: The color picker and shape swapper icons have switched places in the toolbar so you can quickly iterate.
  • Selection borders: Selection borders are thinner so they don’t collide with fills as much. Selection corners are larger so it’s easier to grab onto and resize different objects. 

Visit our Help Center to learn more.