Thursday, April 7, 2022

✨ Even more FigJam improvements

We're introducing even more ways for teams to customize their workspace and freely express themselves. 

  • Sections: Organize your board, add structure to your FigJam files, and group related objects with our latest feature.
  • More colors: Jam with more default colors; you can set your own too!
  • Sticky resizing: Drag from the corners to scale your sticky up and down. And if your sticky note is too long, drag horizontally to snap to 2x width!
  • Text sizes: Set text sizes by numbers — go wild!
  • Alignment guides: distribute objects equally and easily align objects in FigJam
  • Lock/ unlock: Lock and unlock multiple objects even faster than before
  • GIF borders: Add borders on GIFs, just like you can with images
  • Tidy up improvements: Use the [tidy up button] to arrange a selection of sticky notes into a grid

Learn more in the Help Center.