Thursday, September 28, 2017

What's New


  • Figma Live Embed Kit! Learn more and view the implementation guide
  • You can now use emoji codes in comments
  • The visual bell now appears when changing different settings


  • Linking to a specific frame in a Figma Live Embed will now center the frame correctly
  • Masks are now accurately displayed when viewing designs with Figma Mirror, prototypes, and on mobile devices
  • Improved loading and editing performance for Safari 11
  • Fixed an issue where instances that contain boolean ops would not appear in file thumbnails
  • Pressing ESC will now always exit text edit mode
  • Guides will no longer snap to the pixel grid if you disable that preference
  • Fixed an issue where using emoji in your comments would alter the line height
  • Pressing return/enter will now exit crop mode
  • Component descriptions in the Team Library are now fully visible in the Desktop App
  • Go to Master Component and Restore Master Component will now work when multiple instances are selected
  • Fixed an issue where having several component updates makes the window appear partially off-screen
  • Double-clicking the resize handles for text objects, frames, and components will now resize-to-fit its contents
  • We now correctly add accents to text characters when using the US International keyboard layout
  • Using the option + 1, 2, 3 keyboard shortcuts in text-edit mode will now enter the correct characters
  • The instance replacement dropdown is now shows components that are the same size first