Thursday, October 5, 2017

What's New



  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented you from deleting objects using the delete key
  • We no longer show the component update notification when browsing older versions of your file
  • Renaming a component while the components tab is in view will now rename the correct component
  • Frame sections in the Team Library are now sorted by name
  • Code tab will now be more accurate when inspecting an object with a specific opacity setting
  • Longer file title names will no longer truncate early
  • The instance swapping dropdown menu will now truncate long component names in the middle instead of the end
  • You can now allow your Figma Live Embeds to be viewed in fullscreen
  • Cursors in prototype view are now more accurate when they hover over a hotspot
  • Go to Master component will now center the master component in your viewport
  • Resized instances will have the correct selection bounds again 
  • Pasting an instance backed by a shared symbol into a different symbol will now work as expected