Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What's New This Week


  • You can now remove all connections in your prototype with a single click in the Prototyping tab

  • We've added an option to export inside or outside strokes as an SVG without using a <mask>

  • For some fonts, the text highlight overlay did not consistently appear when entering text-edit mode. We fixed this so you should always see the text highlight
  • Entering a trailing dot i any field in the properties panel would reject the value. We've changed this so things like "5." will simply change to "5" when entered
  • Switching tabs while scrubbing a value would prevent you from entering a value in that field when you return to the tab. Now, switching away from Figma and returning will still allow you to enter values into the field
  • Previously, rotating an object on the canvas would hide the selection handles. We now show the selection handles when rotating objects
  • Sometimes imported Sketch files would not appear immediately in your file space unless you refreshed. Now, imported Sketch files should appear immediately
  • Some prototypes would move by 1px between consecutive frames. We fixed this so frames stay in their fixed positions
  • Duplicating a page sometimes duplicate the prototype incorrectly. We now preserve prototypes correctly in duplicated pages
  • Nested instance overrides would not always receive updates from the Team Library. We fixed this so your nested instances are always up to date
  • Fixed an issue that prevented using redlines to measure the distance between objects inside a mask to objects outside of the mask
  • Fixed a regression where we were displaying the full name of an instance path. Now, we only show the last part of a component path in the instance dropdown