Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's New This Week


  • Creating a text object with justified alignment would cause the text object to move while you type. We fixed this so the text object no longer moves.
  • Changing the device orientation between portrait and landscape would ignore your constraint settings. Now, we respect constraints when changing orientation
  • Adding a stroke to a text object would default to a 0 width stroke, which was not useful. We now default to a 1px width when adding a stroke to text objects
  • Flattening an arrow would remove the arrow heads. We fixed this so the arrow heads are preserved.
  • The Last Modified sort option in the recent tab really sorts by Last Viewed. This was very confusing so we changed the copy.
  • The notification badge in the File Space would remain unread even if you acted on the notifications directly in a file. Now, the notification is dismissed if you have already read your unread comments or accepted file invites.
  • Renamed "Copy Style: and "Paste Style" to Copy Properties and Paste Properties to be more accurate (and because of our upcoming Styles feature).