Thursday, May 31, 2018

What's New This Week

  • Enhanced Team Library to help scale your design system. Read more here

  • We’ve added the Include "id" Attribute and Simplify Stroke export options to our API
  • You can now use the “R” shortcut to replay a prototype

  • Instance overrides were not being imported correctly from Sketch 50+ files. We fixed this so overrides should be properly imported.
  • Groups that use invisible objects to add padding to were being ignored when exporting. We fixed this so exports take hidden objects into consideration.
  • The comment tool shortcut (C) was not working while viewing prototypes. We fixed this so you can use the “C” shortcut now.
  • The prototype connections and the multiplayer cursors would sometimes appear above the scrollbars. We fixed this so the layering of scrollbars, cursors, and objects are always what you expect.
  • Changing an image’s fill property from tile to crop would apply tiling to the cropped image. We fixed this so changing from tile to crop maintains the original size of the image in your file
  • Stars and Polygons would show their on-canvas controls at all zoom levels. Now, the on-canvas controls appear at closer zoom levels.
  • The loading screen in the file space would look strange on really large displays. We’ve improved it to look better.
  • Fixed a rare bug where smoothing corners for an object would result in the object disappearing on the canvas